star bits are good

hey you! yeah, you! got any tasty star bits?


espo's (lingers) random second corner of livejournal. she posts her site updates and anything she doesn't feel like posting in her private journal here, but, mostly, site updates. her fanfiction, fst's, icons, and such like are all in other varying communities so go and poke around on my normal journal and you'll find your way to them.

this journal purely for site updates, so i won't be adding friends. feel free to watch it if you wish to find out when things are happening at her two domains.

lumaboop? a silly little sound she likes that the lumas (the stars) make. espo has, actually, no idea why she loves it, but it just sounds adorable, cute, and hilarious, and it makes a good journal name.

what are lumas? they're from super mario galaxy. and get very, very hungry and are very greedy, if i do say so myself. you better feed them on the way out.

chibi @ alieterne

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