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A little behind, so a few things to mention.

After two years with Fang, fractured has a new layout, this time featuring Merida from Brave. Which unfortunately I have not yet seen, as Pixar sucks and won't release it in the UK until August. Anyway, the layout features a few new tips and tricks I've learnt whilst making layouts in the past few months (such as centering, x only background and not making it scroll, image rollovers that use ccs and not javascript, googlefonts). As a whole, I like it a lot, and it works quite nicely. Anyway, everything standard with a new layout has been done and everything should be in working order.

The siblings page has been moved to affiliates, and I've decided simply to link with standard buttons again, for the time being. A few new affiliates were added, as well.

I've updated the owned page with new images and a rewrite of the information attached to each site.

In more exciting news, I bought myself a new domain! This one is Fire Emblem themed and will host my Fire Emblem fanlistings (which have alll moved over, and had forms sent in to reflect it) and once I get round to it, will get its own layout, as well as the possibility of rambles - in other words, tactics, strategies, thoughts on units, and what not. Also the possibility of one page shrines is high. We shall see... it's also an excuse to make a lot of missing Fire Emblem character fanlistings, too...

Final Fantasy X-2 OST (layout)